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"A rare honest gem in a time when popular music seems to have lost it's depth." Charles Fauna is the stage name of LA/NY based artist Charlie Mischer. Mischer grew up in Los Angeles where he was exposed from an early age to large scale live events and productions. He began writing, recording and producing his own albums at the age of 16 after building a recording studio in his childhood home. After graduating NYU, he decided it was time to release his art into the world.


Since making his debut in 2017 Mischer has released two EP's and one full length LP, and been featured by publications like Billboard, Noisy, Nylon and more. His music has gained millions of streams from listeners around the world. 2018's Eulogy EP, a response to Mischer witnessing a fatal hit and run on his block, afforded him a US tour - culminating in official showcases at SXSW. His 2020 full length record Yonder explored themes of spirituality set in a world of science fiction, where humanity has exhausted it's resources and is forced to colonize other planets.


In 2022 he returned with the deeply personal Renewal - EP, a documentation of his time being stuck at home during the pandemic. Now in 2023 Mischer is finishing his second LP, an epic exploration of transition, attachment and perseverance across 17 colorful self-produced dream pop tracks. Love to all that are listening. We are all Fauna.

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